Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain's Six-pack

"Joe the Plumber," the imaginary American John McCain invoked repeatedly in last night's debate, is a poorly disguised euphemism for another, more familiar euphemism. The fact that John McCain's stand-in for every American is a beer-guzzling schmo from Nowheresville, who doesn't understand sentences with more than one dependent clause, is disturbing and insulting enough. Watching him in last night's debate made me feel that he was trying to apologize for - at the same time that he was trying to erase - the fact that he is a rich guy who will stay rich, and I am (each of us is, really) a poor guy forever holding a greasy wrench; to say that actually he admired you and I precisely because we do all the ugly things that he never has to do; to demonstrate that somehow this class drama he was inserting us into didn't at all invalidate his patronizing pander.

But...a plumber?
In John McCain's America, you and I are just people who fix the thing he shits in.

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