Friday, December 19, 2008

New School Occupied by Students

Last night, students from the New School and other city colleges occupied the University's library at 5th Avenue and 14th Street in order to protest the policies of president Bob Kerrey, a former senator and governor of Nebraska and Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. On December 10, Kerrey received a vote of no confidence from the New School faculty because of mismanagement, evidenced by his handling of a recent university budget crisis, and by the fact that he has gone through five provosts during his eight-year tenure.

After a day-long sit-in, police cut off access to the library. While a group of protesting students remained inside, a crowd gathered outside in solidarity. Some received periodic updates from the group inside via textmessage, which they transmitted to the crowd.

At about 11:45 pm, Bob Kerrey exited the library, escorted by police. Students shouted for Kerrey to resign as he made his way to his townhouse on 11th Street, which was also guarded by police.

This morning, the library had re-opened in time for students to continue working on final papers. A maintenance worker began repairing a window on the side of the building that had been broken last night during the occupation.

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