Saturday, July 18, 2009

Musical Oddities II: Angling in the Badlands

From a review of Bonnaroo 2009 in Blank Newspaper, a free Knoxville arts rag:

At the end of Phish's set, "Trey Anastasio paused for a moment to give a brief monologue, explaining that the first concert he ever went to was three hours of nonstop action and fun...The next moment [Anastasio said] 'I'd like to bring out my boyhood idol, Bruce Springsteen.' "

What?? How do you get from E Street to a watered-down version of Shakedown Street? Then again, if you had asked me to pick the one thing that would top off the jack-tastic "three hours of nonstop action and fun" that I imagine a Phish concert to be, it may very well have been a quickie from The Boss.

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